Who we are

Thunderclap Studios is a software development company that focuses on user experience. Our goal is to provide the best environment for the many different interactions you have with software throughout your life. Whether it's browsing the web, playing games, accomplishing tasks, or utilizing a service, the digital encounters we'll give you are not only useful, but fun to use. We always use the latest technology, and make sure every angle of the design and devlopment process is covered for maximum effect. Our approach is to stay in tune with the consumer and market. We want to sculpt our projects, and listen to how they are experienced by the people. This way we can contour elements of the software for a more natural progression towards a beautiful piece of work.

What we do

The things we work on are apps, games, websites, VR, and any software that provides someone with an experience. This can range from entertainment to a helpful utility as long as it is providing you with something meaningful and is a pleasure to use. Every part of a software affects how a person experiences it, and therefore every part of the software needs to be developed with dexterity. This ranges from dazzling front-end interfaces, to robust optimized back-end processes, we carefully look at the full package to ensure quality. Take a look at our projects to see our work and what we're currently up to.

Not only do we develop our own awesome software, we also lend our development services for use. Ever had an idea for an app that you thought would be the next big thing? We can assist in making that idea a reality. Head over to our services page to see the possibilites we could help you achieve.

Did you know?

Did you know that more people on average spend time using their smart devices than watching TV? Those who have access to a tablet or smartphone spend approximately 3 hours a day on their mobile device doing a variety of different things.1 However, national data reveals that out of all the things that you can do on your smartphone, 40% of the time you spend is on games and entertainment. In addition, another 24% is spent on Facebook and other social networking pleasures.2 That means that about 64% of the time that you spend on your smart device is time spent on pleasure. Whether it be playing games, watching videos, or posting the latest memes to your friend's profile, the average person spends approximately 2 hours on the phone soaking in some sort of enjoyment. This is why we do what we do. We want to offer you the best experience you can have while doing what you what on your smart device.